Local artists share stories through murals along San Pedro Creek

Two murals will be installed at Travis Street, Houston Street underpasses

SAN ANTONIO – The Art of Four art initiative was selected last fall by the San Antonio River Authority to create special murals that will be placed along the San Pedro Creek.

“Our mission is to highlight Black artists who create and highlight our culture, whether that be visual arts, performing arts, literary arts, as well as filmmaking,” Maria Williams, founder of the Art of Four said.

Two murals created by artists will be installed at the Travis Street and Houston Street underpasses, along the San Pedro Creek.

Artist Tyson Davis has been spending time at the Mosaic Multiplex, an event and art space on the East Side, creating a mural called “Rise.”

“It’s a representation of the middle passage and how African families were taken from their lands and some choose the sea over slavery. Through it all, this is a representation of how strong the black families are currently now here in America,” Davis said.

On Saturday, the community is invited to the Mosaic Multiplex on 146 N. W. W. White Road and will get a chance to paint on the mural at 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.

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