Congressman Joaquin Castro invites community to U.S. Military Academy Day

U.S. Military Academy Day is Saturday, Mar. 25 at Palo Alto College Performing Arts Center.

SAN ANTONIO – Congressman Joaquin Castro is promoting a U.S. Military Academy Day for San Antonio, which will take place on Saturday between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. at The Palo Alto College Performing Arts Center.

The community is invited to attend.

U.S. Military Academy Day is an opportunity for students who are interested in attending a service academy to learn more about what the institution has to offer.

Each military branch has its own service academy. The schools are a place where young adults between 17 and 23-years-old are trained and developed into military rank officers.

The service academy is a four year program. Students graduate with a bachelor’s degree and then are commissioned as an officer.

Academy Day is when families, students and educators are given the opportunity to meet with service academy officials and congressional representatives. After students apply to any service academy they’ll have to go through a vigorous process and part of it requires being nominated by a member of congress to be appointed for academy admission.

“For most it’s going to be their two senators for the state that they live in and the representative from the district they reside in. All three of those individuals or offices have applications that students can fill out…to compete, interview and apply for that nomination,” Region 2 Academy Admission Advisor, Lt. Andrew Misdary said.

Misdary said attendees can expect to participate in an academy and nomination fair, a resume workshop and interview coaching.

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