Seeing more snakes around town, or at the River Walk? TPWD says it’s no surprise 🐍

The majority of snakes found around our homes, communities are not venomous, officials say

Two snakes sighted at the San Antonio River Walk, near the King William District. (KSAT)

SAN ANTONIO – If you’ve noticed more snake sightings at the San Antonio River Walk or even in your neighborhood, it’s not uncommon for this time of year.

According to Texas Parks and Wildlife Department officials, with the spring season in full swing, it’s no surprise that there is more snake activity right now.

“Spring brings about flourishing plants, some producing fruits, which are sustaining larger populations of rodents and other prey species. With an increase in rodents and other prey, and as more people spend more time outside and in natural spaces, it also can increase sightings of snakes at times as they are performing their beneficial services in our neighborhoods,” TPWD officials said.

Believe it or not, a snake sighting around your home, neighborhood, or the River Walk isn’t necessarily bad.

Snakes are most active when they’re searching for prey, and they’re also helping keep rat populations in check, according to TPWD.

If you see a snake, there’s also a good chance it’s not venomous.

“Keep in mind that many of the snakes around our homes and in our communities are non-venomous snakes, like the Texas Rat snake that does an exceptional job of finding rats in our yards, as their name implies,” TPWD said in a statement. “There are venomous snakes found throughout the state as well, but thankfully it is a rarity that people are harmed by them.”

If you encounter a snake and are bitten, TPWD said it’s important to go to a hospital nearest you in case it is venomous. For more tips on venomous snake safety, follow this link.

And, if you’re seeing more snakes around your home, there could be something that is attracting rodents to your property that is also bringing on more snakes, TPWD said.

“Stacked firewood, for example, is like a mini high-rise for rodents. So, keeping it near the back door is probably not the best place if you want to avoid snake visitors there,” TPWD said.

Keeping busy areas clean and mowing the grass consistently can help avoid drawing in more snakes as well.

For more information on snake sightings, follow this link here.

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