Have a green thumb? Your garden could win you money

Residents can collect data on eggs and compost for a chance to win $500

Image of female farmer sowing seed of squash in the garden (Courtesy of Storyblocks)

If you’re ready to show off your green thumb, the 2023 Spring Grow-A-Thon is looking for participants in the San Antonio area.

The Grow-A-Thon is an online competition aimed at increasing knowledge and awareness of urban agriculture in San Antonio and South Central Texas. The event is held by Gardopia Gardens, a nonprofit organization with a mission to grow healthy and sustainable communities through garden-based learning.

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To participate, residents can collect data on produce, eggs and compost for a chance to win $500. The winner is judged by pounds per square foot.

There are three categories in which participants can enter, including:

  • Vegetables and fruits: Judged on pounds of produce grown.
  • Composting: Judged on pounds of waste diverted through composting.
  • Egg production: Judged on number of eggs produced.

“By producing food locally, competitors are helping increase access to fresh fruits and vegetables, improve ecosystem services for sustainability and create a more resilient food system when confronting natural or man-made disasters,” experts with Gardopia Gardens said.

Registration closes June 17; the competition ends June 18.

For more information on how to enter and other resources, visit www.gardopiagardens.org.

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