St. Mary’s Strip construction eyes end date as businesses try to stay afloat

“We’re going to see at least one business close. Everyone else is barely hanging on,” one business owner said.

SAN ANTONIO – Progress is being made on the North St. Mary’s Strip construction, but for some, it’s too little too late.

“We’re going to see at least one business close. Everyone else is barely hanging on,” said Chad Carey, owner of the Paper Tiger.

Carey said he feels the entire project was mismanaged, and there is no silver lining to getting closer to an end date.

Director of Public Works Razi Hosseini said the project is coming along nicely, and the finish line is near.

“It looks really good after they finish the remaining part on North Side and finish the intersection of Ashby, which they’re working on installing the signal,” said Hosseini.

Carey responded, “The idea that they could be at any point pleased in any way is ridiculous.”

The North St. Mary’s Strip project started on March 15, 2021. The original contractual end date was Oct. 5, 2022. That date got revised to June 17, 2023, due to adding lighting and landscaping to the project, unforeseen challenges with the soil, and weather delays, according to Public Works.

City officials told KSAT they hope to finish this summer.

Hosseini said the city has added a contractor to help expedite the $11.4 million project.

“It’s possible at the end of the day that it’ll cost us more because the prices now are more expensive than two years ago,” Hosseini said.

KSAT Reporter John Paul asked, “We don’t know if it’s exceeded?”

“Not quite yet, because we haven’t really finalized the project,” Hosseini said.

Hosseini explained the city could charge the contractor, SpawGlass, for liquid damages, but that won’t be determined until everything is done.

The city holds project status meetings weekly that are open to the public. They are scheduled every Thursday at 4 p.m. at St. Sophia’s Greek Orthodox Church.

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