Video: Florida deputy gets sucked into drainage tunnel while trying to rescue man in flood waters

The Escambia County Sheriff’s Office deputy survived along with the man he rescued

A Florida deputy and a stranded motorist survived after they were sucked into a drainage pipe during severe weather.

It happened during a torrential downpour on Friday in Escambia County and the incident was captured on the deputy’s body camera.

You can watch the dramatic video in the player at the top of this article.

The deputy was on patrol when he spotted a driver who was stranded in rapidly rising waters.

The deputy rushed into the water as the man went under and then quickly became submerged, too.

Both men were sucked into a drainage pipe and swept about 100 feet under the four-lane road. They resurfaced about 30 seconds later.

“David! Can you f******* believe what just happened to us?” Deputy William Hollingsworth says on the video.

The other man told the deputy, “I almost died.”

“I did too, buddy. It sucked me in,” Hollingsworth says.

The men then embraced. Neither suffered any serious injuries.

The deputy’s action “is an example of the exceptional courage displayed by the men and women of law enforcement every day,” the sheriff said about the incident.

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