Bexar County Public Works using data collection van to study roadways

The multi-functional vehicle serves as a camera on wheels

BEXAR COUNTY – As Bexar County continues to evolve, so does the need for better roads. The county’s Public Works department is studying county roads to assess the conditions and determine what improvements are needed.

They are using multi-functional vehicles, otherwise known as MFVs. Think about them as a camera on wheels that collects data.

The studies are conducted every three to five years and have been used since 2007. The vans initially observed just under 1,000 county-maintained miles.

However, as the county has grown, so has the effort. The study now covers over 1,500 miles of maintained roads.

The goal is to determine the condition of the roads and forecast budgeting for strategic infrastructure. Tony Vasquez works with Public Works. He said they hope these efforts will improve the quality of life for people out in the county.

“It’s a method that we use to rate all the county streets and come up with the right treatment for every street or the streets that are needed as well as the budget that we need to maintain the roads in the county,” he said.

Vasquez anticipates the findings will be fully analyzed as early as September.

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Azian Bermea is a photojournalist at KSAT.

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