Guadalupe River has stopped flowing in Spring Branch, Comfort

Water flow was also an issue last summer

It’s a true Texas tragedy — the Guadalupe River has slowed to a trickle in some places. But in other areas, the water has stopped flowing completely.

Data from the United States Geological Survey shows the Guadalupe River has stopped flowing in Spring Branch, Comfort and Bergheim as of Wednesday.

“We are well below average and the river is just not flowing like it should be,” KSAT meteorologist Justin Horne said. Watch his report on the river flow in the media player at the top of his article.

It’s not the first time the river has stopped flowing. Last summer, water flow was also an issue amid record drought and stretches of 100-degree days that have also plagued this summer.

In fact, San Antonio just experienced the two hottest Julys on record. July 2023 was also San Antonio’s third hottest month EVER on record.

The high temperatures and lack of rainfall over the past couple of years have culminated in the right (or wrong) conditions and led to reduced streamflow and dry river beds in some areas.

In the words of the Merrymen - it’s feeling hot, hot, hot.

This photo was submitted to our KSAT Connect by a pins user. It shows the low flow of the Guadalupe River upstream of Canyon Lake in July 2022. (KSAT)

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