Student brings BB gun to MacArthur High School

Student to face ‘serious disciplinary consequences’

MacArthur High School (Julie Moreno, Google Street View)

SAN ANTONIO – A MacArthur High School student is facing “serious disciplinary consequences” after bringing a BB gun to school.

In a letter sent to parents on Tuesday, the principal said it was another student who reported the gun to the administration.

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North East ISD police responded and confiscated the weapon.

“While the student had no ill intent and there was no threat to anyone at the campus, serious disciplinary consequences will be given,” Principal Joaquin Hernandez said.

A spokesperson for NEISD said the consequences stop short of criminal charges.

Hernandez asked parents to speak to their students about the consequences of bringing prohibited items to school.

“We ask again that you please continue to discuss school safety with your children. If they see something that isn’t right, please report it to administrators or a teacher. This is a case where ‘if you see something, say something,’ works. We applaud the student who came forward to let us know something might be on our campus that could be a danger,” Hernandez said.

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