These are the days to find best deals on tech, clothing, toys, appliances

Apps, websites can help locate deepest discounts

Inflation may be a Scrooge, but here’s some jolly news: Discounts will hit record highs this year, according to Adobe Analytics data. And some of the best prices are right around the corner.

“Black Friday is still the best time to get a discount on a new TV. On Saturday, we expect to see the deepest discounts on laptops. Toys and apparel will be at their best prices on Sunday, and on Cyber Monday look for the biggest discounts on appliances and electronics,” said Consumer Reports’ Samantha Gordon.

Not all sales are bargains, so Consumer Reports offered some strategies to find the best deals.

First, skip the crowds and shop online. Why?

“There may be a lot of great deals in stores, but it’s a lot easier to comparison shop when you shop online,” Gordon said. “Plus, in recent years, we’ve seen retailers really start to offer the same prices in stores as online, so you can shop wherever you’re most comfortable.”

Next, let tech be your guide. Check out comparison sites like Google Shopping, PriceGrabber, Shopzilla and Consumer Reports.

Before you head to the stores, download an app so you can scan barcodes or QR codes to compare prices and score coupons. Consumer Reports recommends BuyVia, Shopkick, Shopsavvy and Shopular.

And stay connected.

“Make sure you join stores’ loyalty programs and follow your favorite retailers and brands on social media. This can give you access to exclusive coupon codes, early deals and other discounts,” Gordon said.

It can also pay, literally to use a cash-back app like Rakuten, Fetch or RetailMeNot. When you buy using them, you get a small rebate, and it adds up over time.

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