Donating time, money on Giving Tuesday is good for mental health, San Antonio-area counselor says

Learn the benefits of generosity, giving

SAN ANTONIO – Tuesday is the annual Giving Tuesday, a day set aside after Thanksgiving for donating to nonprofit organizations.

The day should be a day celebrating the opportunity to help an organization that relies on donations. And while the day is about giving, it can also be about receiving.

Giving Tuesday is a chance for you to give to a cause that you feel strongly about and a local San Antonio-area doctor says it can also be good for your soul.

Dr. Christopher Hansen with Thriveworks in San Antonio is a licensed professional counselor who specializes in stress anxiety and coping skills. Hansen said giving not only helps those receiving the donation, but also can have a big impact on you and your mental health.

“Just doing the right thing and helping somebody, especially helping someone in need. They are great ways to give back, like going to the shelter, you know, going to the shelters and serving food, going to the food bank and just being a bag stuffer,” Hansen said.

A donation does not necessarily have to be money. Time can also be worth a lot for any organization.

Hansen said you can visit or volunteer at a retirement home, or you can talk, play games or get involved with other activities. A visit could mean a lot to residents who may otherwise be alone.

“I particularly like anonymous gifts and giving, if possible. I really think that makes even more of an impact than simply giving,” Hansen said.

For more information about Thriveworks, you can go to their website by clicking here. And for more information about Giving Tuesday, click here.

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