‘It’s unimaginable:’ La Coste family cleaning up after car crashes into their coffee shop

Saturday marked one year since the coffee shop first opened

LA COSTE, Texas – Kimberly Lane said on a day that she should be celebrating, she’s left sorting through the rubble of Schottzy’s, her coffee shop.

“It’s unimaginable,” Lane said. “We love this little coffee shop.”

Lane and her husband, Cody, opened Schottzy’s exactly one year ago, on Dec. 9, 2022. Days before the shop’s first anniversary, a car crashed into the side of the building. With widespread damage, Lane said she’s determined to rebuild and reopen soon.

“It’s significant damage,” Lane said. “I will do anything and everything we can to get us up and running again, short of them saying it’s just not possible.”

The crash happened on Wednesday night after 11 p.m. On Facebook, Medina County ESD posted photos of the wreck, showing the damages. The driver suffered non-life-threatening injuries.

Lane said they were asleep when the crash happened. After waking up to dozens of missed calls, she said it was only when she checked her own security footage that she realized the extent of the damage.

“I was just thankful they were alive,” Lane said. “Then we had the reality set in and what damage had been done.”

Parts of the brick wall were completely knocked out in the crash and dozens of merchandise items were left damaged. Lane said she doesn’t have all the answers as to how they’re going to rebuild, but she confirmed Jenkins Restoration helped board the wall. She also said the community has stepped up to support.

“People just rallied around this coffee shop,” Lane said. “This community is 90% of what makes us successful.”

Schottzy’s was supposed to have a one-year celebration in its backyard with vendors. After the crash, the community helped to relocate the celebration and offered raffles to collect donations for the Lane family.

“We’re very thankful for them and for that,” Lane said.

The Lane family still has a long journey ahead to rebuild, but they say they’re ready to do it and thankful to the La Coste community for showing so much support to a small business. For updates as they rebuild, click here.

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