Summit Church gives more than 1,400 gifts to children in CPS custody

Kids up to 18-years-old were part of the event

SAN ANTONIO – Some children in the custody of Child Protective Services had some of their Christmas wishes come true on Saturday thanks to a local church.

Summit Church held a Christmas celebration where over 1,400 gifts were given to foster kids under protective custody in Bexar County; many of whom will only have that one event to celebrate the holiday this year.

The kids were asked to write “wish lists” for some of their most desired gifts, and the church made their best efforts to give them exactly what they asked for.

Some caseworkers who oversee the children were brought to tears by the church’s generosity.

One of them, Jacqueline Morgan, who works for the Department of Family and Protective Services, said they and the kids were deeply moved when they entered the church’s lobby and found mountains of presents. But, some of those kids wanted more than just gifts. They also wanted to be seen and heard.

“It doesn’t matter what social-economic where you are, who they are, what background they have,” Morgan said. “Every child wants a present for Christmas. And some of our kids don’t even wish for a present for Christmas. Only thing they want is somebody to think about them and love them.”

Summit Church will continue collecting gifts for the kids from now until Christmas so they can all feel the holiday spirit this year.

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