You can buy presents for San Antonio Zoo animals through an Amazon Wish List

Wish list items are used for enriching animals’ lives at the zoo

The San Antonio Zoo is inviting the community to be a part of the animals' lives through their Amazon Wish List. (San Antonio Zoo)

SAN ANTONIO – Everyone is making their holiday wish lists this time of year, including the San Antonio Zoo.

Zoo officials have created an Amazon Wish List for anyone who would like to play Santa for some of the zoo’s animals.

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“At San Antonio Zoo, enrichment plays a vital role in ensuring the wellbeing of the animals in our care through variety, novelty and surprises. From fish and reptiles to primates and large carnivores, every animal receives enrichment tailored to their specific needs, promoting increased activity levels, more natural foraging behaviors, improved body condition, greater group cohesion and more,” said Cyle Perez, the zoo’s director of public relations.

The Amazon Wish List is organized by animal groups and includes items like aquarium plants for fish, treat balls for reptiles, heat lamps for snakes and treat puzzles and toys for primates.

There are also a few items that might sound odd — including Heat by Beyoncé and Paris Hilton’s Tease women’s perfumes.

“Using different items that have strong scents, like herbal teas, kitchen spices, and even Beyonce branded perfume, is a common strategy we use to provide the animals with olfactory, or scent-based, enrichment,” Perez said. “The carnivore species, ranging from bush dogs, to hyenas, and even tigers, will use their strong sense of smell when tracking their prey, and even when communicating with others of their species through scent marking. By providing different items with strong scents in their habitats, we are simulating carnivores exploring their environment with their sense of smell. Regularly rotating the scents we use, ranging from paprika to perfume, helps keep the animals physically and mentally stimulated.”

The zoo hopes that by sharing their wish list, animal lovers can help create “magical moments” for animal residents.

“We are thrilled to invite our community to be a part of the animals’ holiday festivities,” said Tim Morrow, President & CEO of San Antonio Zoo. “By purchasing a gift from their Amazon Wish List, you directly contribute to the well-being of the animals at San Antonio Zoo.”

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