Eagle Pass business owner says closing some international bridges hurting local economy

Border Patrol estimates more than 5,000 migrants crossed the border into Eagle Pass on Monday

EAGLE PASS, Texas – U.S. Border Patrol has closed rail bridges in El Paso and Eagle Pass, meaning cargo isn’t coming into or out of those ports of entry as law enforcement agencies along the border deal with thousands of people trying to come into the U.S.

Less than a mile away from the bridge in Eagle Pass, downtown was quiet due to the decline in traffic from Mexico.

“About 60% of our business is from Mexico,” said Angie Rodriguez, a local business owner.

Several customers and employees are caught in the middle as some bridges remain closed.

“There’s so many people trying to get across that they’ve got two, three hours to wait,” Rodriguez said.

While the border fuels her business, her focus isn’t the shelves in her store.

“This is beyond commerce and how much money I can make or the businesses can make. It’s a humanitarian situation,” she said.

Rodriguez said she thinks elected leaders haven’t come up with a good solution to the immigration issues.

“All I do now is pray that there’s divine intervention that will solve the problem for the people who are trying to come over here,” she said.

Border Patrol estimates more than 5,000 migrants crossed the border into Eagle Pass on Monday, nearly five times what agents usually see.

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