‘Expressions of Identity: African American Portraits’ exhibit to be showcased at San Antonio College

The artwork is located on fourth floor of Moody Learning Center

SAN ANTONIO – A San Antonio artist is inviting the community to see his latest artwork for Black History Month.

“I did this series, because there is almost this lack of emotions for Black children, that is kind of hid. It’s like you have to be this certain way,” Kaldric Dow, the artist said.

In his latest exhibit, Dow said he focused on emotion and the everyday life of the Black community.

“This really is a focus on just relaxing at home. Doing what you do. Reading the bible. Chilling with your family. Watching TV. That’s what I really wanted to show on these and then show the texture and make it interesting,” Dow said.

It’s Dow’s second time showcasing his artwork at San Antonio College.

This year his exhibit is titled “Expressions of Identity: African American Portraits.”

“I think it’s a perfect place to be because you have inquisitive minds coming to learn. So, when you walk in, you are able to see art. You want to know more,” Dow said.

The exhibit is located on the fourth floor of the Moody Learning Center. It’s open through the end of Black History Month.

Dow says it’s a month that is for celebration and reflection.

“In the past, we weren’t really allowed to express ourselves and we couldn’t really show our creativity or get credit for it. So now, today, it’s more emphasis on our creativity and almost negating that. And showing that we have creativity, and we are able to show it in institutions and really be highlighted,” Dow said.

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