Best ways to stay hydrated

Consumer Reports shares ways to increase your water intake

Staying hydrated is essential for good health, and drinking water is a big part. It helps regulate body temperature, keeps joints flexible, and moves nutrients around the body. But how much water do you need to make all this happen? As Consumer Reports explains, the answer might surprise you.

Water is indeed essential to good health and with the popularity of big stainless steel cups, many people are finding it much easier and even cool to drink a lot of it.

But how much water do you need to stay properly hydrated? There’s not a one-size-fits-all answer. It depends on various factors- such as body size, physical activity, and even sex.

Most men need about 15 and a half cups of fluids daily, and about 11 and 1/3 cups for women.

But the good news is if you can’t stomach drinking that much water from a big tumbler all day long, there are many other ways to stay hydrated.

Nearly everything we eat has some water in it, like soups, smoothies, coffee, and tea supply fluids. Fruits and vegetables also count towards your fluid requirements. For example, one small wedge of watermelon offers 7 ounces of water - almost a full glass. Other hydrating fruits and veggies include cantaloupe, peach, and cucumber.

What about sports and other drinks that claim to be ultra-hydrating? If you’re exercising for longer than an hour, you might benefit from the electrolytes they contain. Otherwise, you probably don’t need them.

While most water in the U.S. is safe to drink, it could contain compounds and chemicals that can make it taste metallic, salty, or smell a little funny. Consumer Reports’ top-tested water filter pitcher is the Brita Stream Rapids OB55. Just know it’s certified to remove chlorine but not lead or PFAS.

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