Some Goodwill stores in San Antonio will soon rely entirely on solar power

Goodwill San Antonio partners with Big Sun Solar to embrace sustainability with rooftop solar project

City, Goodwill San Antonio, CPS Energy and Big Sun Solar leaders attended a commissioning ceremony for the project on March 25 at Goodwill’s Blanco North location. ((c)Steve Slate,

SAN ANTONIO – Four Goodwill San Antonio stores are expected to soon be entirely reliant on solar energy.

Goodwill officials said the solar photovoltaic (PV) panel systems are expected to be operational by the end of the month. Big Sun Solar, a local solar operator, partnered with the organization as it prepared to step into the renewable energy space.

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“This represents a great opportunity for Goodwill San Antonio, especially considering the benefits from the Inflation Reduction Act and CPS Energy,” Big Sun Solar CEO Robert Miggins said. “We are honored to have been chosen for this project.”

The effort utilizes direct pay, a program of the Inflation Reduction Act passed by the Biden Administration in 2022. Direct pay will allow Goodwill to request rebates from CPS Energy, the release said.

“This project aligns with Goodwill San Antonio’s sustainability efforts by helping to reduce our carbon footprint,” said Carlos Contreras, president and CEO of Goodwill San Antonio. “With the incentives from the Inflation Reduction Act and CPS Energy rebates, the timing was ideal for us to begin our transition to solar energy.

The Goodwill San Antonio store locations to receive the PV panels are located on Bandera Road, Blanco North, Gateway near 1604 North and Potranco Road.

Construction to install the panels began in January, and the chosen sites are anticipated to be fully reliant by the end of the month, the release said.

In total, the 522kW systems are expected to generate 784,982 kilowatt hours of solar energy. Goodwill expects to save more than $90,000 annually in energy costs, according to the release.

A Goodwill public relations representative told KSAT on Monday the company chose to begin with stores owned and operated by the organization rather than those commercially owned.

The representative also confirmed the PV systems would meet 100% of each site’s energy needs.

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