Neighbors concerned after learning keys work in multiple locks following assault of elderly man in home

Eric Collazo is charged with injury to an elderly person

SAN ANTONIO – The key to one home unlocked the door to another house. That’s how Bexar County deputies say a man believed to be intoxicated was able to mistakenly enter the wrong home. Investigators say the suspect attacked the homeowner.

“It’s very strange that someone can enter a house that they have no connection to with the key of their actual home,” said Patricia Montero, a neighbor.

People in the Meadows at Wortham Oaks neighborhood have questions.

This is after BCSO deputies say one of their neighbors was attacked by another neighbor, who was able to enter the wrong home using his key.

“That’s one that boggles my mind for sure, especially having two homes that look the same; it’s unfortunate for the neighbors,” said Mark Ariaz, another neighbor.

Eric Collazo is charged with injury to an elderly person. The BCSO says Collazo thought he was in his home when he attacked the 79-year-old homeowner. The victim was taken to the hospital in stable condition and is now recovering at home with several injuries, including three broken ribs, officials said.

According to the BCSO, they checked the suspect’s keys to verify they worked at the victim’s door, and that was the case. Deputies added that they’re not sure how that is but they believe it could be an issue with the home builder.

Collazo and his parents declined an on-camera interview, but they did say that their home was built by M/I Homes. KSAT asked M/I about the one key working for two homes and they told us they would look into it and get back to us. We have not heard back yet.

“Does it make you think twice about your locks?” asked KSAT’s John Paul Barajas

“Yeah, absolutely now, it makes me want to call my builder and say, “Hey, can we get somebody to come out here and double-check?” said Ariaz.

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