Great Graduates: Danny Nguyen, Trinity University

Nguyen is first person in his family to graduate from both high school and college

Danny Nguyen, 22, can officially call himself a graduate.

Nguyen graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from Trinity University in May of 2024.

The double major graduate is creating a new legacy for his family. Nguyen’s parents both immigrated to the United States. His mother and father did not know each other when they immigrated from Vietnam, however, the two met in San Antonio, got married, then had Danny and his younger sister.

“So being a first generation college graduate but then also high school graduate too, it’s a really fun opportunity and a gracious opportunity to be able to be kind of starting a new legacy for my family,” said Nguyen.

Nguyen graduated from Brackenridge High School in May of 2020. He started at Trinity in the Fall of 2020, which was during Covid-19 social distancing.

“Most of us didn’t have a graduation, prom was cancelled, different senior last things were cancelled. So we had a very interesting first year experience,” Nguyen said.

One of the main reasons Nguyen chose to attend Trinity, was the community aspect. That was something he wouldn’t really get to experience until his sophomore year of college.

“The first year was very awkward. A lot of social distancing, pretty hard to have that community that we were promised,” said Nguyen.

Despite the Covid-19 setbacks, Nguyen was determined to make the most of his time at Trinity. He was of the Tiger TV team, the student broadcasting group on campus. He was Class Senator his freshman and sophomore year, then he was Class President for his junior and senior year.

“That was a really fun opportunity to just learn more, be a representative of Trinity students but also getting to meet all people from all over to alumni, to faculty, to parents, to students, staff,” Nguyen said.

Nguyen is proud to be a Trinity graduate and says he will always be grateful for the experiences the school gave him.

“While I’m grateful for the degree, I think what I’m going to be most grateful for the people and the relationships I’ve made here at Trinity,” said Nguyen.

Now that graduation has come and gone for Nguyen, he will look towards his future, which includes becoming a Marketing Specialist for Frost Bank. He also will be attending UTSA for his MBA.

His advice for any first generation graduates is to keep faith and push themselves.

“Lead with grace, keep the faith but then also, one last thing people don’t typically say is have fun,” Nguyen said.

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