‘It’s all been so spontaneous’: New Braunfels artist goes viral with powerwashing artwork

Sam Ward said during the pandemic, he had to power wash his driveway. Now, he’s getting paid to do this type of artwork across the country

NEW BRAUNFELS, Texas – Powerwashing isn’t a chore for artist Sam Ward.

“I get to come out and do whatever I want to do,” Ward said. “It’s all been so spontaneous.”

Ward uses concrete as his canvas and a powerwasher as his paintbrush. His mission is to make beauty out of the mundane, and now, he’s going viral on social media for this style of art.

“It’s so cool that I can do something that I truly love and I truly enjoy and it doesn’t feel like work,” Ward said.

Ward first started his power-washing art journey during the pandemic. He said he bought a big pack of chalk for his kids to use on the driveway. But, before they could draw, he had to clean it.

“I got really bored, and I started drawing some shapes,” Ward said. “Then the next day, my wife asked me if I was going to go finish pressure washing, and I said, ‘No, I’m gonna go draw something,’”

What started as circles and squares quickly became lifesize murals and intricate drawings. Ward said he’s been commissioned to help with pieces for Freight Harbor and Ripley’s Believe It Or Not.

“I’ve had some really interesting opportunities that I could have never expected,” Ward said.

He’s constantly coming up with ideas and constantly looking for dirty surfaces.

“I have different folks who kind of donate their dirty driveways,” Ward said.

He started filming these projects and posted them on social media. Within a couple of months, viewers started tuning in from across the world. Some of his videos have millions of clicks.

Ward said his work as a power-washing artist is far from finished, as he’s always looking for his next project.

To watch his videos, click here.

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