How sweet: Texas woman makes Buc-ee’s gingerbread house

Deanna Vaters in Williamson County may be the queen of gingerbread houses in Central Texas

WILLIAMSON COUNTY, Texas – A Buc-ee’s made out of candy and graham crackers? Yes, please.

A Central Texas woman’s Buc-ee’s gingerbread house is going viral this week after she made one for the Williamson County tax assessor/collector’s office, where she works.

In a Facebook video posted by Williamson County, Deanna Vaters said she has made a gingerbread house for the tax office every Christmas for the last six years. But she has a ton of experience — she made gingerbread houses for previous places of employment and every year when her kids were young, she said.

This year, Vaters and her family had the idea for Buc-ee’s during a stop at the Bastrop location.

“My husband said, ‘Hey, you know what? Maybe we should just do a Buc-ee’s?’ So that’s how we came up with a concept, and then we just ran with that,” she said in the video.

The gingerbread house is modeled after the Bastrop location and not only includes the store and gas pumps but also toy cars and pictures of her coworkers.

Vaters said she wanted it to look like a real-life travel stop, with people pumping gas, shopping, fixing their luggage, checking under their hoods, changing tires or charging Teslas.

There’s even a dog yard and Santa’s sleigh blasting off from the roof.

She said her coworkers look forward to the gingerbread house every year and taking pictures for the scenes.

“We love it, my husband and I love it,” she said. “We love doing stuff for coworkers ... wherever we work we like to incorporate any kind of Christmas. We enjoy making people happy, and people really appreciate it.”

Gingerbread Buc-ee's

Our gingerbread house takes the cake this National Gingerbread Day! Deanna with the Tax Office really topped herself this year with her Gingerbread Buc-ee's! You can see her creation at the tax office location in Georgetown, 904 S. Main St.

Posted by Williamson County, Texas - Government on Tuesday, December 12, 2023

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