Start a new Thanksgiving tradition

SAN ANTONIO – There is no doubt that everyone around the Thanksgiving table loves the delicious and plentiful food, which makes for some great memories.

But Audrey Craig and Brenda Cascio of GB Design House have some ideas on how to make new holiday memories.

Blessing Beans

Blessing Beans are a tradition where every person around the dinner table are given a small palm boat filled with Italian Cannellini Beans.

A container is passed around to each dinner guest, who puts a bean in the container and says what they’re thankful for. When the container, which is passed around several times, is full, the beans are placed in a crock pot filled with other ingredients and are cooked for the next day.

Coaster Cards

Another way to express what one is thankful for are Thanksgiving coaster cards.

On one side of the coaster card, you write your name and date, and other side you write what you're thankful for and you sign it.

The cards are collected and stored in a box and brought out every year for review.

“It makes for great laughs and memories,” Craig said.

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