Zoos helping zoos in the wake of Hurricane Laura

In the wake of hurricane Laura, local zoos helped the Alexandria Zoo rebuild

San Antonio – Animal World & Snake Farm Zoo (AWSFZ) wasted no time jumping at the opportunity to help their fellow zoo in Alexandria, Louisiana that had suffered significant damage from Hurricane Laura. AWSFZ is a member of ZDR3 which is a Zoological Disaster Response Team.

Dr. Eric Trager, Owner of Animal World & Snake Farm Zoo, described the scene they arrived to as “Devastating” with what seemed like 40-50 huge trees downed throughout the park. However, despite this destruction, the Alexandria Zoo no loss of life and is a major credit to their preparation.

The Animal World & Snake Farm Zoo team arrived on August 28 and stayed for 5 days, with their main priority being to remove the large trees so the animals could return to their outdoor exhibits. The San Antonio Zoo came in right after AWSFZ to take their place and pick up where they left off.

Although a lot of help has been provided there are still work to be done and many reparations to be made to get the Alexandria Zoo back open to the public. If you would like to support the cleanup efforts of the Alexandria Zoo and get more information of the situation go to ZDR3′s gofundme page.

Also, head over to Animal World & Snake Farm Zoo’s website to plan for your next visit.

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