Need extra cash? Try ‘upcycling’ your clothes at a local thrift store

Fashion retailer pays instant cash for stylish items

Whether you’re looking to make some extra cash or just save big on those fashion finds, you don’t have to be close-minded.

You can “upcycle” your fashion, support local and help the environment -- all at Uptown Cheapskate.

Did you know a pair of jeans can take 1,800 pounds of water to make?

“When you choose to buy used [clothing] instead of new, you reduce your carbon footprint by 60 to 70 percent,” said Alyssa Buenrostro, general manager at the Uptown Cheapskate Huebner Road location. “Plus, did you know that the fashion industry is the second biggest polluter in the world?”

Selling to thrift or secondhand stores gives your clothes new life, rather than having them thrown into a landfill.

How to sell:

Selling to a place like Uptown Cheapskate is easy. Bring in your clean, stylish clothing, shoes and accessories. Trained buyers will select all the items they want to purchase and will make you a cash offer or 25% more in-store credit on the spot. You do not need an appointment and can shop while you wait.

Your usable clothing provides individuals with the items they need to get a hand up. Plus, you get the tax write-off. Uptown never benefits from your donations.

The most-wanted items to sell:

Currently, the most-wanted items include women’s athletic apparel, men’s athletic, men’s clothing/shoes and plus-size items. Wide-leg denim, graphic tees, casual shoes, day dresses, shorts, Vans and tie-dye shirts are also favored.

“We use high standards for conditions (and) styles because our customers are very selective when preparing items to sell,” Buenrostro said. “You want to ask yourself, would you sell this to your best friend? So, we pay instant cash for items that are stylish. We’re looking for current trends and styles for teens and young adults. We’re also looking for items that are in great condition.”

To learn more about Uptown Cheapskate, click or tap here.

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