Are you expecting? This center can connect you to resources

Pregnancy specialists can help with scheduling your first appointment, connecting you to financial programs.

In the early beginnings of your pregnancy journey, you may not know where to start and what services you’ll need along the way.

“We serve the entire community. We have clients visit us from Somerset, Poteet, La Vernia, and all surrounding communities,” said Felipa Castillo, OB Navigator.

It first starts with pregnancy testing. Baptist Healthy Women’s Centers offers free and confidential pregnancy testing with no appointment necessary. Patients can find out their results in just minutes.

From there, you can select a private physician from a list of highly trained obstetricians and gynecologists, and pregnancy specialists will schedule your first appointment.

They’ll also help to determine if you qualify for Medicaid, social service programs such as WIC (Women, Infants and Children Program), and literacy programs, as well as help with application paperwork.

Free prenatal education classes such as early pregnancy, Lamaze, parenting, and breast feeding classes are also available.

There are five locations across the San Antonio Area. You can find more information on Baptist Healthy Women’s Centers by visiting

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