Happy Space: Explore the Hill Country at this glamping resort

Combine the outdoors with the ultimate lodging experience.

HUNT, TX – From glamping tents to cabins, Basecamp Resort, located in Hunt, Texas, is combining the outdoors with the ultimate lodging experience.

Located only an hour and a half away from San Antonio, you can experience the sights of the Hill Country while in the comfort of your Happy Space.

Basecamp Resort firepit. (Courtesy of Basecamp Resort)

Jeremy and Kelly Kerth, owners of Basecamp Resort, said they wanted the property to help others engage with the outdoors.

“This property, and it struck us from day one, it’s about the outdoors. Beautiful trees, we have the lake, we have water. I mean, it’s about getting outside. Just unwind and experience the outdoors.”

Some of the ways they help guests engage with the outdoors is by offering amenities which include stand-up boards, kayaks and cane fishing poles.

Guests also have access to the Guadalupe River as well as a 3-acre lake on property.

Base Camp Resort- Lake (Courtesy of Basecamp Resort)

And at the end of a long day of exploring the outdoors, you can fall back into your glamping tent or cabin, which are individually decorated, and each has its personality.

“It is truly a glamping experience. You will not be roughing it here,” Kelly said.

Pets and children are welcome on the property as well. Basecamp operates all year round, allowing guests to experience the hill country in every season.

‘This place in the fall and spring is amazing and the winter for that matter. I mean we get lows in the 30s, but we’ll warm up into the 70s. So it’s really a four-season resort,” Jeremy said.

To find out more about Basecamp Resort, you can visit their website at https://basecampresort.com/.