Growing your own garden on a budget

Growing from cuttings, growing from scraps and saving seeds can all help you garden on a budget.

Fall is officially here, and now is a great time to start gardening and building soil in your garden or refreshing container gardens.

And it’s easy to get gardening on a budget.

Angela McDermott, Farm Manager of Agricultural Initiatives Program at the San Antonio Food Bank, says you can garden with produce you already bought at the grocery store.

For example, placing the top of an onion in a pot of soil will begin a rooting process. Potatoes can also be placed in the soil to create a new plant.

These crops will continue to grow throughout the winter and ready to harvest in the spring, McDermott said. The fall is also the best time for planting seeds.

Official Texas Arbor Day is the first Friday in November, making it a great time to plant fruit trees or native trees.

If you’ve never gardened before, there’s plenty of ways you can learn and gain hands-on experience before starting your own garden.

The San Antonio Food Bank takes volunteers for their garden and their farms. They also offer gardening classes as well. TX A&M AgriLife Master Gardeners, local nurseries, local community gardens are also resources you can utilize for gardening.

Those interested can also take a lo-tek mushroom cultivation workshop on October 1 at 10 a.m. at the San Antonio Food Bank.

This workshop will cover basic mycology, and participants will learn low-cost and low-tech ways to recycle mushroom blocks and other organic matter back into the soil and also grow delicious Vitamin D filled culinary mushrooms.

Those interested in learning more about the San Antonio Food Bank and some of the programs offered, visit

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