Judson’s Bryce Wisdom passes away after battle with cancer

SAN ANTONIO – Bryce Wisdom’s battle with cancer has captivated the San Antonio community. His motto, “Bryce Strong,” has touched hearts and minds across the nation, even reaching the the ears of his beloved Seattle Seahawks.

Sunday evening, his fight came to an end. In his own words, “I won.”

Bryce Wisdom has died of kidney cancer. He was 17 years old.

“Bryce took his last breath at 11:39pm,” Bryce’s mother, Diana, said via twitter. “He fought til the very end.”

Over the last 48 hours, Bryce’s family has provided numerous updates across various social media accounts after he was rushed to the hospital on Friday night. He suffered a collapsed lung, and his mother said he was in “terrible pain.”

Bryce was a member of the Judson football team. He was diagnosed with cancer during his sophomore season, and he missed the majority of his junior year as a result of the disease. Throughout 2019, the Rockets walked out for pre-game ceremonies holding an orange “Bryce Strong” shirt, and he was often spotted on the sidelines wearing a uniform.

Community parade celebrating Bryce Wisdom’s birthday draws hundreds

The Judson community has since taken to social media to celebrate Bryce’s life and his impact on the greater San Antonio area.

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