IDEA Harvey E. Najim school holds first signing day

Three student-athletes made history during signing day.

SAN ANTONIO – The IDEA Harvey E. Najim College Preparatory School had a historic moment for its athletic programs, holding its first-ever signing day.

Three athletes, Joseph Chavez, Demyrea Moore and Larry Siqueiros, were the first three students to sign letters of intent to play their respective sports at the collegiate level.

Chavez will run for the Track & Field team at Neosho County Community College in Kansas.

Moore will play Volleyball at Texas College.

Siqueiros is traveling across the Atlantic Ocean to play soccer at Northumbria University in Newcastle, England.

We asked each athlete what it means to them to make history as the first signing day class at IDEA Najim.

“I’m very glad I’m one of the first ones,” Siqueiros said. “I just want to know upcoming classes to look up to us and see that we are going to college, but we’re going to college and making history of being the first ones to go and play sports and study at the same time.”

“It’s a very big feeling for me, knowing that I’m one of the, one of the 30 kids in our school having this opportunity to pursue what I want to do,” Chavez said. “Being able to take this and take it as far as I want to.”

“It’s very exciting because I know kids from here are going to go play sports and do what sports they want to do and stuff like that, and I just hope that I can influence them to be the person that they can be,” Moore said.

The three students turned college athletes couldn’t be prouder to represent their community by being the first to sign up to play college sports. All three of them chose their schools based on how comfortable they felt when they visited them and hoped other students would follow in their footsteps.

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