John Krasinski Shouts Out H-E-B Employees on His Some Good News YouTube Show

click image Youtube / SomeGoodNewsA TikTok video starring employees of San Antonio-based grocery chain H-E-B received a celebrity spotlight Sunday from actor and producer John Krasinski ().On his YouTube show Some Good News , Krasinski featured the viral video made by the employees of an H-E-B in Huntsville, Texas. The video depicts a scene familiar to many Texans the checkout aisle at their local grocer when employees suddenly spring out from the aisles and begin a choreographed dance to "Something New" by Wiz Khalifa.Krasinski calls the H-E-B employees "heroes" in a segment dedicated to essential workers, which highlights their ability to create moments of levity during the crisis. He also talks about how they risk their lives, often for low wages , while those who can afford to work from home benefit from their services.Whether your H-E-B cashier self-identifies a hero might depend on whether they have other options to pay the bills or can afford to take paid sick leave.But in the latter case at least, they're still better off than half their peers , who don't receive paid leave. Overall, H-E-B has been on top of its shit about protecting workers and granting them hazard pay , while other grocers have pointedly failed to prioritize employees' health.Krasinski's "hero" segment also features Trader Joe's employees wearing masks and gloves to pose as Marvel's Avengers . But you don't think of Iron Man having to demand hazard pay or ask permission to put on his protective equipment lest it "give customers a bad impression."