Vote 2020 Newsletter: What we learned from Super Tuesday


It took a while to get official results, but we now know how Bexar County voted in the Super Tuesday primary.

The good news: a record 253,000 people voted. The bad news: a software issue with new voting machines led to the system crashing three times (!!!). This led to a delay in returns (and a very long night for the KSAT newsroom).

After Super Tuesday was all said and done, we got some clarity in the Democratic presidential race. Bexar County is one of a few dozen Texas counties where Bernie Sanders beat out Biden. Of 253,071 primary voters here, 171,829 people voted in the Democratic primary. 33% of those voted for Bernie Sanders. 28% voted for Joe Biden.

Sanders also won in Travis County, and several counties with large Hispanic populations, many along the U.S.-Mexico border. But ultimately, Biden took Texas. He earned 111 of the state’s delegates. Sanders earned 102.

Below you’ll find a closer look at how Texans voted on president based on race, sex and education. And tonight -- six more states are holding their primaries.

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Here are some of the big questions heading into the next set of Democratic primaries.

A software glitch. A system crash. A big delay in results. What happened in Bexar County on Super Tuesday?

Bexar County Republicans (and Michelle Barrientes Vela) are calling for a recount.

We’re not done with the primaries just yet. 9 races are headed for runoff in Bexar County.

STORY OF THE WEEK: How Texans voted for president based on race, sex, education

(Associated Press)

The Associated Press surveyed Texas primary voters to get a better idea of who they are and what matters to them. Here are some of the biggest takeaways from that survey.

More Texas women preferred the former vice president to the senator from Vermont

  • 35% of women voted for Joe Biden. 27% voted for Bernie Sanders.
  • Meanwhile, the race was more even for men. 34% voted for Sanders. 33% for Biden.

Sanders was the favorite for Texas voters under the age of 45

  • Voters 18-29: 62% Sanders; 11% Biden.
  • Voters 30-44: 38% Sanders; 28% Biden.
  • Voters 45-64: 29% Biden; 23% Sanders.
  • Voters 65+: 49% Biden; 10% Sanders.

Black voters in Texas gave a clear advantage to Biden, while Bernie Sanders held a lead among Latino voters

  • White Voters: 32% Biden; 27% Sanders.
  • Black Voters: 56% Biden; 19% Sanders.
  • Latino Voters: 40% Sanders; 25% Biden.
  • Asian Voters: 43% Sanders; 24% Biden.

We also have a breakdown of how Bexar County voted by age. Here’s what we found looking at these numbers: the older the voting group, the larger the participation percentage.

  • 18-24: 5.3%
  • 25-34: 10.9%
  • 35-44: 12.8%
  • 45-54: 14.5%
  • 55-64: 20%
  • 65+: 36.6%


Each week, KSAT anchor Myra Arthur will sound off on the election news/other random thoughts that are on her mind.

Myra's Musings (KSAT)

By now you likely know all about the confusion that led to a big delay in voting results in Bexar County on Election Night. Long story short: the county elections department said the software it used didn’t total the results like it should and instead separated them into groups.

It’s 2020, so we should expect technology to be a big player in any big contest. I mean, who expects to sit around and add up the results by hand?? (Except that’s exactly what my boss and a handful of other math-minded members of the KSAT team were doing as we waited on the full results in the waning hours of Election Night).

There were major technical troubles in Iowa, too, as we awaited the results of the caucuses there. I think we all know glitches happen and computers aren’t fool-proof, but with so much suspicion surrounding election meddling and tampering, those in charge of the results can’t afford a big ‘oops.’ It takes the focus off the outcomes and creates instant controversy, whether one really exists or not.

Bexar County is surely not alone in the work it has to do to make sure the results are available and accurate in November.


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Voters in six states are headed to the polls today for the next big contest in the Democratic presidential primary. Idaho, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, North Dakota and Washington are worth a combined 352 delegates.

There is yet another debate to look forward to this Sunday, March 15. But this debate will be a lot less crowded.

Looking ahead more than two months, the Bexar County runoffs have been scheduled for May 26.

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Presidential delegate tracker

9 races headed for runoff in Bexar County

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