Conditions worsen for West Houston neighborhood

Fleetwood South area in midst of second reservoir release

HOUSTON – The conditions causing the devastation to the Buffalo Bayou area in West Houston are getting worse.

Not only has the rain not stopped, but the neighborhoods are in the midst of a second reservoir release Tuesday morning, after the Addicks Reservoir opened up early Monday to add more rushing water to the Buffalo Bayou watershed and the neighborhoods surrounding it.

The Barker reservoir is now flowing to avoid failure and the Army Corps of Engineers expects the water to rise at 4-6 inches per hour.

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Monday in the Fleetwood South neighborhood, one would be hard pressed to find a home that didn't have a flooded ground floor.

It was a never-ending stream of the young and the old floating out of the suburban subdivision to safety.

For every empty boat which went out, it seemed another came back full, the rescuers and evacuees saying there were more left behind.

The more residents tried to wait it out, the more the water rose.

"We are just trying to do our best to get  everybody off," said one volunteer.

The neighbors and good samaritans used anything that floats, ranging from boats made for the open waters to floaties designed for the pool.

One man who said he moved to Houston from New Orleans said this gives him flashbacks.

For hours he went back out again and again to pull in evacuees.

"I'm just helping," he said.

Those stranded hoped a complete stranger would show up at their door.

Capt. Ken Evans lives in Fleetwood North, and came to help with his flatbed boat.

"We just don't think, since all the other ones didn't hit us this one wasn't gonna either, but this one got us good'" Evans said.

Evans was seen rescuing a couple from their home before picking up the Jewett family who were floating by on pool toys.

The family had their essentials: prescription medications, important documents, anything that they will need once this is over.

Making sure his wife, kids and dog were on board safely, Doug Jewett pointed to the bigger picture.

"Utimately right, as long as the levee doesn't go, some of us pay the short term hit, but if the levee goes, there's a bigger hit," said Jewett.

Check out the latest satellite image and find out where Harvey is headed:

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