Step back in time, children learn about history of San Antonio Missions

SA Conservation Society organized field trips to Missions

SAN ANTONIO – The fourth-graders from Minton Elementary School could hardly contain their excitement Monday as their field trip made its way to Mission San Jose.

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The tour was made possible by the San Antonio Conservation Society, who for the past 56 years have organized the field trips.

Every year, about 26,000 students from 25 different schools get a chance to see and hear what they've learned about in their classrooms.

"It’s so exciting and important for our fourth-graders who are learning about the Missions in school to actually come out and see them in person,” Elaine Milam Vetter, with Heritage Education Tours, said. “To see what building it is they are talking about (and) how it was made.”

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The Conservation Society uses some of the proceeds from Night in Old San Antonio to pay for the buses, materials and training for these educational tours. The goal of the field trips is not only to learn about the past but how to continue to preserve the historic sites.

"We’ve invited the children if they want to join the junior associates program, which basically it's them learning as they are growing up that they can help preserve the properties,” Vetter said.

That way the next group of fourth-graders can keep enjoying the field trips for years to come.

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