People are already buzzing over this year’s Fiesta medals

Fiesta Chica, Baby Yoda designs among medals bringing the hype

SAN ANTONIO – It’s barely January, but the spirit of Fiesta is beginning to kick back up again. (Did it ever really leave?)

Organizations and businesses are beginning to promote their Fiesta 2020 medals, all with their own quirky designs and unique twists.

While it may seem a little early for some laidback Fiesta fans, some medal enthusiasts are using this time to add to their wish lists ahead of the city-wide party.

Garrett Heath, founder of SA Flavor, is one of those “hardcore” enthusiasts.

Not only is he a Fiesta maniac, he says, but he works with a variety of creators to put out impressively unique medals each year through his online store.

Tuesday evening, SA Flavor released its fifth medal of this Fiesta season: the Fiesta Chica medal by Amanda Infante.

“It blew up,” he told KSAT12. “I haven’t seen a reaction to that type of medal in a very long time.”

What’s really in Topo Chico? Is it good for you?

The Fiesta Chica medal is a spinoff of the beloved sparkling mineral water Topo Chico, but includes a concha design and translucent enamel for the glass bottles. From every sale, $1 will be donated to SA Youth, a nonprofit that focuses on empowering high-risk youth and young adults.

“The general population has caught wind," he said, adding that typically only the “hardcore medal maniacs” are paying attention to Fiesta bling in January.

Heath wanted to make it clear that “these are the medals of my creators,” but he sells and distributes them.

SA Flavor will continue to roll out several medals for purchase, and its release party is set for 6 p.m. Jan. 28 at John T. Floore Country Store.

A portion of money from each SA Flavor medal sold will be donated to a local charity.

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Another medal making waves this week comes from Merit Coffee, which has six locations in the Alamo City.

The shop released a photo of its Baby Yoda-themed medal — a nod to both pop and San Antonio culture — to a positive response online Tuesday.

Less than 24 hours after an image was shared on the shop’s Facebook page, it has received more than 100 shares and more than 300 reactions.

Merit Coffee creative manager Justin Frey told KSAT12 that the mash-up just made sense.

“I designed the medal, really for me,” he said. “Baby Yoda seems to be everywhere and everyone is talking about ‘The Mandalorian,’ so I thought it’d be fun to do a Fiesta medal centered around him.”

He said more inspiration came after he watched “An American Tail” with his children. He remembered how Fievel, a young mouse and the main character of the movie, looked in his frumpy hat — and that’s when it hit.

“Since its Fiesta, why not a sombrero?... And I could totally see baby Yoda not being a morning a person," he said. “You know, that ‘let me finish my coffee first before I talk to you’ kinda thing.”

He said the medal will be available in early March at $10. Proceeds will benefit Snack Pak 4 Kids - San Antonio, a group that helps children who are food insecure.

KSAT is seeking your help for our new KSAT Fiesta medal

Frey said the cause hits home for him.

“I have three little kids at home and it honestly breaks my heart thinking that there are kids out there who can’t count on there being food at home,” he said.

Depending on the organization, a portion of proceeds from Fiesta medals are typically donated to charity or a cause.

The party starts on April 16 and ends on April 26. For those already in the Fiesta mood, here are some medals already making the rounds.

The Furbulosa by Bella for El Rey Fido medal is selling for $12 on SA Flavor. With each purchase, 50% of proceeds go to the San Antonio Humane Society to support Bella’s run for El Rey Fido.

The ofrenda Fiesta medal by Ray Linares is selling for $10 on SA Flavor. For every sale, $1 goes to K9s for Warriors. The medal can be customized by adding a photo in the middle.

SA Flavor is selling two types of bacon and egg breakfast taco medals this year: stripped bacon and chopped bacon.

But, there’s a catch. Whichever style is purchased the most in SA Flavor’s January foodie medal eight-pack will be continued throughout the season. The style that’s purchased the least will be discontinued.

For now, individual medals are available at $10 each. With every purchase, $1 is donated to the San Antonio Food Bank.

The Fiesta Forever medal by SA Flavor is for sale at $10. With each purchase, $1 is donated to SAY Sí.

Look who flew into the Official Fiesta Store! The 2020 La Lechuza medal by Mira Medals is in stock! This medal is $15.00 and available at the Official Fiesta Store located at 2611 Broadway St. and online.

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