Yes, Lifetime’s newest ‘mini-movie’ is Kentucky Fried Chicken-themed, starring Mario Lopez as sexy Colonel Sanders

We can’t believe it’s real, either

Mario Lopez as sexy Colonel Sanders. (Screenshot from trailer.)

As if this year couldn’t get any more bizarre, Lifetime announced Monday a new “mini-movie” starring Mario Lopez, in which he plays none other than Colonel Sanders, the fictional mascot for the iconic fast-food chain Kentucky Fried Chicken.

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As you can see by the photo in the tweet, Lopez isn’t just playing an ordinary Colonel Sanders.

Oh no, Lopez is sexy Colonel Sanders. He’s got muscles, perfect salt-and-pepper hair and looks like he belongs in a hipster coffee shop.

Titled “Recipe for Seduction,” this is obviously just a commercial for Kentucky Fried Chicken made to look like a melodramatic and steamy Lifetime movie, but in the year of 2020, this wild fever dream of a mini-movie sounds like another wacky and insane thing to add to the list of things that went down this year.

Just in case you think we played a game of Mad Libs with the headline of this story -- and you’re questioning how any of this could be real, here is a trailer of the mini-movie that confirms that it is, in fact, actually happening.

Lopez plays a chef for a wealthy couple who are soon to be engaged. The woman is falling for her new hunky chef that has a “secret recipe” that will “change the world.” There’s sex, affairs, lies and even murder, so basically, the perfect combination for a Lifetime movie.

It feels like Lifetime and KFC are trying to be in on the joke, knowing that Lifetime movies are over the top and melodramatic. Watching the trailer, however, it feels like the irony is lost, and this is just another Lifetime movie.

People on the internet tended to agree. This tweet pretty much sums it up.

Never would we have thought that the man who played A.C. Slater would one day play Colonel Sanders.

If you’ve watched “30 Rock,” you’ll understand why this mini-movie sounds like something the writers made up for the show.

Others want more Lifetime movies with fast-food fictional characters.

Some do seem to realize that the point of this whole thing was getting Lifetime and KFC trending on Twitter for a day, and with that, they definitely succeeded.

The mini-movie airs at noon Sunday, Dec. 13.

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