The internet turned a moment from The Weeknd’s halftime performance into a meme and we can’t stop laughing

In this image released on February 7th, The Weeknd rehearses for the Super Bowl LV Halftime Show at Raymond James Stadium on February 04, 2021 in Tampa, Florida. (Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for TW) ((C)Kevin Mazur, 2021 Kevin Mazur)

Last year, it was Shakira’s epic tongue trill, and this year, it’s The Weeknd looking lost inside a room full of lights and mirrors.

Memes are born out of the most random moments, and the new one that came out of The Weeknd’s halftime Super Bowl show is just that: totally random.

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During his performance, The Weeknd had a moment in which he was wandering around a room full of hallways featuring lots of lights and mirrors. It was meant to be disorienting.

And because the internet is quick to move, this one little moment from the entire Super Bowl halftime performance has become a meme that is quickly taking over.

People have used the video to create memes of being lost, panicked or on the search for something. You can click the link to see people’s full tweets with the video.

Here are a few of our favorites.

“Trying to find Chromatica Oreos.”

“Entering an apartment where I know a dog lives.”

“Looking for the mute button when it’s my turn to talk on the Zoom call.”

“5 year old me in the grocery store looking for my mom.”

“Trying to find the bathroom after the tequila shots hit.”

“Trying to find my mask when someone rings the doorbell.”

“Me trying to follow the hostess to my table at the Cheesecake Factory.”

“Me looking for toilet paper at Costco last March.”

“Me stomping around the house trying to find my phone when it’s in my back pocket.”

Yay for more memes!

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