Eminem’s very first and extremely rare vinyl album will be auctioned off

A piece of Detroit music history is up for grabs

Eminem performs at the Paradiso on April 30th 2000 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. (Photo by Frans Schellekens/Redferns) (Frans Schellekens, 2000 Frans Schellekens)

Some may think that Eminem’s debut album was 1999′s “The Slim Shady,” but before the Detroit rapper was selling millions of albums worldwide, he was selling copies of his actual first album, 1996′s “Infinite,” out of the back of his car on the streets of Detroit.

That album, which only sold around 1,000 copies when it was released, was only pressed into 500 vinyl records, too. Today, they are extremely rare and hard to come by, which is why it’s a pretty big deal that one of those vinyls is being auctioned off.

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The signed vinyl copy of Eminem's "Infinite" that is being auctioned off. (Photo via Goldin.)

The record is so rare that it’s not even streaming on Spotify.

The vinyl that is up for auction is factory sealed, so it’s in great condition. As a bonus, it’s even signed by The Real Slim Shady himself. You’d literally be purchasing a piece of Detroit music history.

The record is sourced from Eminem’s long-time manager Paul Rosenberg, and it even features an Eight Mile address on the label.

The best part about bidding on this very rare vinyl is that a portion of the proceeds will benefit the Marshall Mathers Foundation, which is a charitable organization dedicated to providing assistance to disadvantaged and at-risk youth in Detroit.

So what are you waiting for? Grab some Mom’s Spaghetti and get to bidding! If you want this piece of Detroit music history, or to find out more about this exciting auction, tap or click here.

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