Wimberley home once lost in flood rebuilt for family

Kimmons family lost their home during the second major flood in Wimberley

WIMBERLEY, Texas – Signs of progress continue to manifest themselves in Wimberley as one family will move into their rebuilt home this week five months after being left homeless.

The Kimmons family enjoyed their residency for 31 years until heavy rainfall last October caused Cypress Creek to flood their home in 2 feet of water.

“It ran from the front of this house, up to the street, which is about 150 feet,” Ken Kimmons said. “It took all the fence out of here, took the guardrails at the end of the street (and) twisted them all up, and everyone of my neighbors got water in their house." 

Ken and Dona Kimmons purchased the land in 1979 and it wasn’t until 1985 that Ken decided to design and build his home with the idea of Cypress Creek flowing in the background. 

Kimmons said the family had no insurance to cover the damage because the thought of homes being destroyed by rapid waters of the Blanco River during Memorial Day weekend, and then five months later by Cypress Creek was unrealistic. 

“We’ve never had water in 36 years,” Kimmons said. “We don’t know what caused the problem and pray it never happens again but apparently it was some kind of freak of nature that took place.” 

With the help of hard-working volunteers under the leadership of NOMADS (Nomads On a Mission Active in Divine Service) and the Wimberley community, the Kimmons family can enjoy the rest of their retirement in a new home and in the same town they love. 

“I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I hope that every community in America is based (and) does the same thing that Wimberley does,” Ken Kimmons said. “If they do, our country is in great, great shape.”

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