Even in the midst of a pandemic, we see the best in humanity

People can be so good. What kindness have you seen or experienced?

A woman carrying out groceries. (Lina Kivaka/Pexels photo)

For those of us who are in citywide and community groups on virtual spaces and apps such as Facebook and Nextdoor, these past six or seven months have been interesting ones, as the coronavirus situation has changed weekly and regionally -- with many schools across the country remaining online-only, some businesses still on hold and people urged to wear masks and keep a social distance, in addition to some form of quarantining.

Who knows how much longer it will last? Only time will tell.

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But it’s in these city and neighborhood groups where you might have noticed community members leaning on each other, so to speak. This is a time when we’ve truly needed our “village.”

We’ve been focusing on “Something Good” -- the best of the best when it comes to positive news, and uplifting stories that will warm your soul and remind you of all the good in the world -- since the pandemic started, but now we need to lean on our village: Our readers and viewers.

Maybe the note on community groups got you thinking of some good you’ve seen around town. Maybe you know of a friend -- or a friend of a friend -- spreading cheer or making masks or a beautiful grandparent-grandchild reunion that brought tears to your eyes.

Perhaps you fixed up your house all spring and you think more people should see. If you’re excited about it, no matter the topic, we want to be, too! No story is too big. No anecdote is too small.

We want to feature all things good, kind, giving and heartwarming.

Now that you get a feel for what we’re talking about and asking, we’ll pose the question: Have you performed, or been the recipient of an act of kindness?

Do you know of businesses, groups or individuals doing a little extra to help others? This could be your own family members, yourselves or your kids. The sky is the limit!

Let’s inspire a movement of kindness.

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