Always with us: Ways to honor deceased dads on Father’s Day

Just because he’s not here doesn’t mean he can’t be celebrated

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For some, Father’s Day might not be a time to celebrate.

Some fathers aren’t here anymore, and that might bring some sadness.

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But even when a father is not alive anymore, Father’s Day can still be an occasion to honor him and recapture some precious memories.

Here are five ideas to honor fathers that have passed on, during Father’s Day.

1. Donate or volunteer time to his favorite charity.

Surely, there was some cause that pulled at your dad’s heartstrings, so making a donation or taking some hours to volunteer time to that charity is a great way to honor his memory.

2. Engage in an activity you often did together.

Whether it’s golfing, fishing, boating, fixing up an automobile or getting involved with any sort of home improvement project, doing so as an individual or with your kids is another terrific way to relive memories of your father.

3. Go to a place you often visited together.

Did your dad enjoy going to a ballgame? How about a particular museum or church? Think of places that you often went, and subsequently bonded at throughout the course of your childhood.

This should bring back those warm feelings once again.

4. Enjoy his favorite food or beverage.

Was there a food on the grill dad used to prepare in a certain way? Was there a menu item at a particular restaurant that he enjoyed? Did he have a favorite ale or type of wine? Well, what better way to pay tribute than to grill up what he enjoyed and raise a toast to his life?

5. Create a memorial.

There can be several ways of doing this, whether it’s planting a tree or flowers in the yard dedicated to him, placing a plaque somewhere or buying cards and writing heartfelt messages on them to display. These can be places to revisit every Father’s Day.

This story was first published in 2020. It has since been updated.

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