This virtual camp includes 1,200 videos and experiences -- and they’re all free

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Summer is in full swing, and we understand, with the coronavirus pandemic having thrown everyone’s school year off, it probably already feels like your kids have been on summer break for six months.

Summer camp might not be an option this year, but YouTube has created a free #CampYouTube, so as to re-create common camp experiences through YouTube videos. These include arts and crafts, sports, writing workshops, photography tutorials, mental health exercises, exploring the outdoors and SO much more — seriously, there are about 1,200 videos in total.

Recommended Videos

This camp is completely free.

Want to take a field trip? Here’s one in which a helicopter flies over Mt. Everest.

Any interest in learning how to make a ping pong ball float?

Ever been curious about how bees sting?

Considered learning guitar?

These are just a handful of options your kids will have at their fingertips.

If you’re looking for activities for children ages 13 or younger, parents, you’ll have to set up a special account for them. Of course, feel free to scour the videos to ensure you approve of what’s being shown, but we think you’ll be quite pleased with the educational level and interest in these.

Plus, YouTube uses resources for its videos from partners like the BBC, Imagination Library,, Breakthrough Junior Challenge, Google Arts and Culture, National Geographic Society, Sesame Street and others.

“These resources are not meant to replace homework assigned by teachers, but meant to complement that work,” YouTube states on its camp website.

Click or tap here to get started. Happy camping!

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Recommended Videos