This advice just might change the way you think about people and their bodies

Even if your intentions are good, here’s why you want to refrain from mentioning someone's specifics

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Maybe you bump into someone on the street who you haven’t seen in a while. It might feel natural to say something if that person looks different -- for example, if he or she has lost weight or might be pregnant.

But you’ll want to bite your tongue.

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The following advice isn’t to say that you have to ignore this person’s appearance entirely. You can always say, “You look really nice!” or give some sort of a compliment.

But “there’s never a time where we need to make an unsolicited comment about someone else’s body,” said Mo Connolly, a mother from Detroit who was also a recent guest on “The Best Advice Show.”

Bringing up specifics about someone’s chest or specific body parts is unnecessary.

It might seem nitpicky at first, but it’s not, if you think about it. Connolly brings up an important point: We might not know that person’s relationship with his or her body, or what they’re going through lately, or their history, she told podcast host Zak Rosen.

Listen to the full episode above.

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