Have you spaced on the upcoming election? Understandable, so here are some upcoming key dates

Election is rapidly approaching

Stock image/Photo by Brett Carlsen (Getty Images)

So, have you missed all the campaign rallies and speeches this summer that are normally associated with an election year?

In fact, have you forgotten that this still is a year in which we’ll elect a president, not to mention, many more people to some important governmental positions?

It would be understandable if you’ve spaced, given all that has gone on in the world -- and how the COVID-19 pandemic has turned people’s lives and routines upside-down.

However, the election is forging on and we are now less than three months from the magical date of Nov. 3.

But that’s not the only key date.

Here are a few others that are approaching rapidly, leading up to Election Day.

When will Joe Biden select his running mate?

This should happen any day now.

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