An asteroid is on possible collision course with Earth this November: Should we be worried?

2018 VP1 object has created some buzz

As if there weren’t enough to think about these days, now there is talk of an asteroid supposedly heading directly for Earth.

The truth of the matter is, there is an asteroid, and it is headed in our general direction, but maybe not right at us. Still, that’s not stopping some from creating concern.

A flying space object known as 2018 VP1 is hurtling through our solar system right now, and it’s due to be in our vicinity in early November. An internet video and a few stories have created a bit of buzz for those who look for this type of information.

Now that we can all look at NASA star maps, as well as something called the JPL Small-Body Database Browser, anyone can be an “astronaut” -- or at least feel like one. We clicked through the sites and couldn’t figure it out, but we found someone who could. His insights into space, asteroids and 2018 VP1 were beyond helpful.

We got an opportunity to sit down with Michael Narlock, the head of astronomy at the Cranbrook Institute of Science, to discuss the “impending doom” rumored to be heading our way. (Watch the full video and story in the player above).

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