Skip straight to Christmas? Thanksgiving is coming, let’s not gloss over this big holiday

Gobble up this quiz as Thanksgiving draws nearer

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Aren’t you forgetting something?

Now that the trick-or-treating is behind us, many are turning their eyes toward December holidays.

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However, there’s one problem with that line of thinking: Another holiday looms just around the corner.

Do people forget that Thanksgiving is coming?

Sure, going around getting free candy and dressing in fun costumes isn’t part of Thanksgiving, and radio stations aren’t exactly playing “Thanksgiving music” around the clock.

Heck, visit any local store right now, and odds are good that employees are starting to gather Christmas decorations and getting ready for their Black Friday blitzes instead of setting up turkey or pilgrim souvenirs.

But Adam Sandler had it right when he invented "The Turkey Song" during his "Saturday Night Live" days, because Thanksgiving is definitely a holiday that shouldn't be forgotten.

After all, what other holiday is an excuse to consume a gazillion calories and watch football all day?

Thanksgiving is not something to gloss over, and to help you get in the mood, try your hand at this quiz regarding random facts about Turkey Day.

Gobble it up, and good luck!

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