5 ways to demonstrate love on Valentine’s Day through service to others

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Many people associate Valentine’s Day with romantic love, but there is another way to show and express appreciation and love.

Think about volunteering or performing a random act of kindness.

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Those are great ways to spread love -- and as is often the case when sacrificing for others, it ends up filling you with just as much love.

Here are five ways to spread true love on Valentine’s Day through service to others.

1. Offer to babysit for another couple.

Finding a babysitter can sometimes be a difficult chore for couples who want to celebrate Valentine’s Day and spend a little time to themselves.

And of course, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic might throw an extra layer of difficulty into the equation, as well. But if you feel comfortable offering your services, this can be an opportunity to provide some childcare -- and if you’re a great babysitter, you will be loved by the kids and the parents alike this Valentine’s Day.

2. Offer to cook for someone.

This can especially generous in a pandemic that’s limiting the capacity of restaurants, and making people hesitant to go out in general.

So if you’re making a pan of lasagna for your own family and you’re feeling generous, double the recipe. Drop off a meal for someone in town -- a new parent, perhaps someone elderly, or the group of college students who just moved in down the street.

3. Send care packages.

Much like it’s a nice and thoughtful act to send letters, gifts or cards to senior citizens or others during the Christmas season, this can be an uplifting thing to do on Valentine’s Day, as well.

4. Help out with, or adopt, an animal.

In addition to watching kids, offering to watch a couple’s pet can be an act of kindness on Valentine’s Day -- or you can do even better by going to a shelter and adopting an animal.

Then, each Valentine’s Day can be the anniversary of you owning that pet.

What better love story could there be?

5. Help with a community service project.

Whether it’s garbage cleanup at a park, planting a tree or garden, or serving food at a shelter, showing love for other community members is a perfect embodiment of Valentine’s Day.

Would you consider getting involved in any of these ideas?

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