KSAT reporter Jessie Degollado gives advice to aspiring journalists

TV veteran suggests to first ask yourself, ‘Why do I want to do this?’

SAN ANTONIO – In part one of the recent Tejano Moments series, we talked to KSAT 12 reporter Jessie Degollado, who shared a little about her journey into journalism as a Latina. Now, she is giving a few words of advice to young women who have interest in the field.

“Twenty, thirty years ago, when I started, it was a very much male dominated world,” Degollado said. “Now we have women who are in charge making decisions and helping running the show.”

Degollado said since first starting her career, a lot has changed, including the role Latinas and women in general play in the newsroom.

She went on to talk about young women not only in South Texas, but from all over, who have an interest in journalism.

“First, ask yourself, why do I want to do this? How much do I want to do this? Is it something that I’m willing to commit to?” she said.

Degollado said those are the most important questions an aspiring journalist needs to ask themself because the business can be very demanding.

She said not all, but sometimes relationships and family can suffer because they do not truly understand the job -- that sometimes, it takes and can be 24 hours a day.

Degollado said to just be ready for anything and everything that may come your way.

“Just know that you really do have it if you want it bad enough, you do have it in you and it will come out,” she said.

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Roslyn Jimenez is a news producer at KSAT. Before joining the team, she was a producer and video editor at KIII-TV and a radio intern in Corpus Christi. She graduated from Del Mar College with an Associate's degree in political science and liberal arts. Roslyn is family-oriented and loves spending time with her fiancé and chihuahua Paco.

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