Can’t find a movie to watch with your significant other? We found a simple solution

A couple watching TV. (Photo by cottonbro from Pexels.)

With Valentine’s Day approaching, are you planning a date at home with your loved one? Perhaps a movie night is in order.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve met a recurring problem: You peruse Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime or another streaming service, trying to agree or settle on a movie to watch with our significant other, only to come up empty-handed.

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My husband and I have wasted an hour or more being incredibly indecisive, then end up no longer having the time to watch a movie.

Whether it’s because there are too many options, you can’t agree on something or nothing is catching your eye, it can be a little frustrating, coming up blank.

We found a tool that just might alleviate the frustration -- and provide some ideas you’d never considered.

DateNightMovies gives you a space where you can submit the title of your favorite movie (or maybe just something similar to what you’re in the mood for), then pair it alongside your SO’s favorite, and it comes up with a movie that’s supposed to be a happy medium.

To see what kind of ideas the website provided, I input two very different movies: “P.S. I Love You” and “Iron Man.”

“P.S. I Love you,” in case you haven’t seen it, is a movie about a woman who is grieving the loss of her husband. It follows her journey to finding happiness again.

“Iron Man” is the ever-popular Marvel movie that shows how Tony Stark comes to be the superhero we all know and love.

The top result we received was “The Social Network.” Admittedly, we’ve never seen it, but the synopsis is: “Brilliant Harvard student Mark Zuckerberg creates the social network that would eventually rule the world as Facebook, but faces adversity when sued by his best friend and the two men who commissioned its creation.”

Some other recommendations it gave were “Captain Marvel,” “Man of Steel,” “her,” “The Fault in Our Stars,” “The Notebook” and “Love and Other Drugs.”

You can also click the option just to get a random recommendation.

There’s no entry of an email address or anything like that, and the system is quick to provide the movie titles.

Planning a movie night soon? Give it a try and you might save yourself some time.

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