15 women-founded products we could all use in our lives

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Whether it’s relaxing, getting in a much-needed workout or being productive, as women, it’s nice to take that break for ourselves when we’re able -- even if we have to make the time.

During March, the month that honors women and their history, we felt it was an especially great time to consider some of those things that keep us moving, happy and relaxed.

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If those items are the products we use daily -- things that are made by women -- it seems as though, in a way, we’re all supporting each other, as women.

Here are some products you just might want to try, all made by females. They are in no particular order. We just found a handful we thought might bring some joy to our fellow women.

Let the supporting begin. 💛

1. Slip silk products

The founder of Slip silk pillow created this nearly two decades ago when she was desperately searching for something that was sensitive and would soothe her cystic acne. She didn’t stop there. She now has all kinds of silk-made products that include sleep masks, scrunchies, face masks, turbans and more. Sign us up for this luxuriousness. 👸

2. Parade underwear

Founded by Cami Tellez, this brand is inclusive and eco-friendly. The super-soft underwear come in different colors, textures and silhouettes — all from recycled fabric and in sizes up to 3X. We just love that anyone and everyone can find something here.

3. Lavish Leather jewelry

Owned by sisters, these handcrafted earrings are lightweight, unique, colorful and beautiful. How great is it that you can wear big, beautiful earrings that don’t weigh you down? There are also options for the littles, as well as necklaces and other items to love. 🧏‍♀️

4. 21 Seeds tequila

A pair of sisters and their best friend created the tequila for themselves, but after taking it to parties and getting requests to make bottles for their friends, the trio knew they had something special. There are few things better than enjoying a delicious cocktail with your besties, right? 🥂

5. Grove bedding

Rana Argenio, founder of Grove, makes it a point to provide her customers high-quality bedding at a price that’s affordable. Grove is transparent about its sustainability practices, and customers can do a blind feel test before buying. 🛏

6. Hero acne patch

The company, founded by Ju Rhyu, in Korea, is likely most known for its Mighty Patch acne dots that are growing in popularity. The patch, which perfectly fits any acne area, absorb oils and debris. The company also sells other skincare products. These sound like something to have on-hand at all times ... you know, just in case!

7. Oiselle fitness attire

Sally Bergesen, an avid runner, started her brand in the attic of a country bar in Seattle and it has grown immensely since. She named the company Oiselle for the French word “bird,” which alludes to the idea of being weightless and soaring high. Can’t help but love that. 🏃‍♀️

8. Spanx

Sara Blakely simply wanted an undergarment that made her appear slimmer, could be worn with open-toed shoes and was comfortable. One day, she cut off a pair of pantyhose and realized she had a product others would want. She invested $5,000 of her own savings to market her invention, as she researched fabrics, patents and trademark designs. She has since built an empire that many of us know and love. 😍

9. Behave Bras

Athens Kasvikis found out at a young age how hard it can be to find a bra that fits well -- especially for those who are large-busted. She had issues with her back, neck and shoulders, and, at times, wore multiple bras to get sufficient support. Instead of waiting on a brand to create something that would work for her, she did it herself. Her mission: to help women love their bodies, and their bras, again. 💞

10. Strange Bird beauty products

Tina Chow Rudolf, founder of Strange Bird, believes deeply in living your best life. When she dreamed up this beauty line, it was through the lens of practicing the act of self-care and self-attention -- a type of meditation for some, if you will. We can’t help but love that a percentage of the sales goes to supporting organizations that focus on women’s mental health. 🙌

11. Summersalt swimwear

We can all probably relate to the fact that it can be quite difficult finding a swimsuit that is the perfect fit and also makes us feel comfortable and beautiful. The two founding ladies for Summersalt company sure could. They wanted to put their heart and soul into how they think about and create their products. It’s so refreshing to find beautiful, functional swimwear for women by women. Data was taken from more than 1.5 million body types to ensure there’s a fit for every single person out there. The swimsuits are stylish and made with recycled materials. 👙

12. Honest Co.

You have likely heard of this company, founded by actress Jessica Alba. She said she ultimately started the company because she thought no one should have to choose between products that work and products that are good for you. Because of that, she has created products for people to have access to safe, effective options when they need it the most -- items like baby needs, makeup, skincare and cleaning products, to name a few. 🧷

13. Fenty Beauty

Singer Rihanna launched the beauty line in 2017 and has since been praised for the line’s inclusivity, with 40 different shades of foundation. Rihanna said she was inspired to create the line after years of experimenting with some of the best products in the industry, and still seeing a void for products that worked well for all skin types and tones. 💄

14. Skinplus

Licensed esthetician Carly Pilar made it her personal mission to solve the problem of stubborn acne and other skin conditions that can, at times, hinder our confidence. She formulated her own line that takes a deep dive into patients’ biology and unique needs, giving them clear skin for the long term. 🙂

15. Love Good Fats food

When Susie Yorke tried cutting fat out of her diet for years, she felt worse than before, so she shifted to a high-fat, low-carb diet (and cut out the sugars) and said she never felt better. However, during her journey, she had a hard time finding snacks that adhered to her diet and satisfied her. Because of that, she decided to create her own delicious, healthy snacks. Thus, Love Good Fats began. ❤️

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